Best Ways to Increase Wealth as a Young Adult: Part 2

Here are more strategies to increase wealth early in your career.


Minimize Living Expenses

Having a budget and an automatic allocation of your income can help keep your expenses and lifestyle under control. Amazon is an excellent example of how easy it is to buy things you don’t need. Jeff Bezos is a multi-billionaire due to the company’s success. Besides cutting back on certain expenses, try implementing other strategies to keep your living expenses under control. These include getting a roommate, reducing your TV subscriptions, and eating at home more. Having a budget can help you grow your wealth faster.


Invest for the Future

According to Don Roork, a financial advisor, young adults tend to make poor investment decisions due to their emotions regarding the market. He said that this is because they are more likely to make mistakes when the market is volatile.


Roork suggests that young adults establish a plan and stick to it to avoid making irrational decisions. He said that volatility is expected in the market, and building a diversified portfolio is an excellent way to take advantage of the market’s changes.


Roork also said that young adults should not allow their emotions to influence their decisions when it comes to investing. He noted that starting in their 20s, they will be ahead of the crowd when the market begins to fall.


Use Extra Income Wisely

Getting a raise or bonus can help boost your standard of living, but it’s essential to set aside some of it. You can use the money for various expenses, but you should also set aside some for your savings. Some experts suggest a 50-50 strategy, which involves half of your new income going to you and the other half going to investments or savings. This method can also apply to tax refunds.


Have an Emergency Fund

According to a 2018 report by the Federal Reserve, about 40% of Americans don’t have enough money to cover an emergency expense. This is shocking, and it’s no surprise that many people fall behind on their bills.


One of the most critical factors that young adults should consider when building wealth is having an emergency fund. This can help them avoid unexpected expenses that could prevent them from achieving their goals. Most experts recommend establishing a savings account for at least three to six months of their income. However, even a few thousand dollars can significantly offset an unexpected expense. Establish an emergency fund in a separate account from your savings and checking accounts. This will allow you to avoid spending it. Also, make sure that the funds earn interest.

This post was originally published on Etienne Kiss-Borlase’s Finance Blog. For more info about Etienne, please visit his homepage.

Best Ways to Increase Wealth as a Young Adult: Part 2

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