Swiss Immigration Vote

With neck to neck results in the referendum to limit the number of foreign workers into the country is still up in the air. A leading politician informed the citizens they may have to vote again since they cannot come up with a decision and the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) is still indifferent in their votes. The reason for the vote is because many citizens are upset that foreigners are coming and taking potential jobs from locals. Even though they bring a credible argument to the table, not allowing particular immigrants into a European country violates the principle of free movement agreement which Europe has in place.

The head of Switzerland’s business-friendly Swiss Liberal Democrats (FDP) Philipp Mueller explained, “We have to ask ourselves, wouldn’t it make sense to hold a vote on the alternatives.” Everyone including the heads of such parties remain questionable and unsure whether what the best plan of action is. They do not want to force a vote which may jeopardize the current market value for the franc.

Parliament member also explained, “The February 2014 vote violates the principle of free movement agreement within Europe, part of a package of seven deals that stand or fall together, governing issues including economic and technological cooperation, agricultural trade, aviation and road and rail traffic.” This is the major problem being faced by voters and member’s of the party. They are hoping to resolve this issue in the near future and focus on more pressing issues such as unemployment rates, and how they can increase the number of jobs.

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Swiss Immigration Vote