Youth Take Liking Into Politics

In a recent study and survey, it is noted that teens born in 1997, who are now 17 are taking a heavy interest in politics and bettering the democracy in Switzerland. After the government advisory Commission for Child and Youth Affairs conducted a survey with a sample of 3,000 students. A resounding, and fairly surprised researchers got back the results around 66%. 66% of teens are interested or looking to make a change and are interested in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Professor at Bern University, Michelle Beyeler, who conducted the survey explained, “We were afraid it would be difficult to get these young people to respond to the survey, but this was not the case at all – this surprised me in a positive way.” Many young teens around the world are hesitant to work or find a deep interest in politics due to the corrupt nature that could be in play. But teens in Switzerland are looking to stop this trend by creating an environment where the younger generation are interested.

Something that does not come as much as a surprise is the gender roles and differences when the teens were asked about gender roles with working and other political subjects. Men tended to learn towards men working while women stayed at home, while women voted opposite saying both men and women should work equally.

Even though these teens are fairly young, they have a great sense of what is going on with their government and political party. 77% of them are opposed to Switzerland joining the European Union, while 62% believe the free movement of people is a positive for the country. With some time before the elections, many of these teens will be eligible to vote before the October election. The future is looking to make a change in their country, and are taking an interest in the outcome.

This post was originally published on Etienne Kiss-Borlase’s Political blog. For more info about Etienne, please visit his homepage.

Youth Take Liking Into Politics